A Weekend At Home

    Since I will soon be leaving the great state of Meeeechigan (and I'm not being sarcastic; I think Michigan isn't really as bad as people like to say), I decided to go home for the weekend and spend some time with the fam. My mom was so excited she planned a cooking/baking extravaganza and I am currently sprawled out on the couch trying to digest all the delicious meals we made. Maman, I am happy you've started to enjoy cooking again.

    This Coconut Cake was probably the crowning masterpiece of my weekend.

    The recipe was taken from here.

    I have to say, it does have a bit too much sugar for my taste, so I usually cut down on each amount by about half a cup. Another thing I'd like to add is the frosting recipe makes A LOT of frosting, so I use 2 egg whites and cut all the other ingredients in half as well.

    Enjoy the following picture documentary of our baking adventure.
    First, we made the cake - which had an extremely moist and tender crumb - and happily, some crumbs stuck to the pan when we flipped it over, so I was able to perform a little quality control before sampling a slice. Oh, and I substituted coconut milk to add a little extra flavor.

    Next I made the coconut filling - ooey gooey deliciousness

    And here are the two layers kissing :)

    Now the meringue frosting, beaten to stiff peaks. This frosting is so wonderful - it really tastes like a cloud in your mouth. And remember, all this frosting came from only 2 egg whites!

    Finally, I toasted some extra coconut to bring out it's nutty flavor

    Then iced the cake with the frosting...

    ...and sprinkled over the toasted coconut for garnish (see picture above)

    Ok, I promise, there will be more meal ideas later this week!

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