Surprise Goodbye Party

    Tonight I set out for what I thought was a coffee date with my good friend, Kristen. But what ensured was an wonderful evening planned and executed by four of my lovely friends - Alyssa, Kristen, Morgan, and D'Ana. Morgan and I are leaving for grad programs in Virginia and so these sneaky three planned a surprise going away party for us at Kristen's house. Of course my bf was a part of this plan and he played his part quite well, telling me that he had dinner plans with a friend and so he had to "drop me off and Kristen's house." I have never been more touched and I really will never forget the amazing time I had this evening.
    Ok, so I didn't make any part of this meal. But I think it is important to showcase the cooking talents of others and my friends have gots some skillzzzz :)

    D'Ana made a delicious and unique "pizza" for lack of a better word. She made her own pesto and smeared it on pita bread and focaccia bread. She topped this with melted cheese and cut baby heirloom tomatoes. It was sooooo good.

    Alyssa made stir fry with chunks of ginger (NOT chicken, as I originally thought - haha). Her father made his famous noodle dish which I am absolutely in LOVE with. I forgot the exact name, but it's a Filipino dish. He also made homemade egg rolls!!! I have never had anything as yummy.

    Finally, Kristin ordered an amazing cake from Zingermann's - dark chocolate cake, chocolate ganache filling, and homemade butter cream. Oh my gosh, I could totally taste that butter...

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