Crispy Risotto Bites with Spicy Marinara

    Here's the little treat I made for myself the day I found out I got into dental school. I just took some leftover risotto that I had in the fridge and warmed it up just slightly. I heated some oil and rolled little bits of the risotto in breadcrumbs. I fried them on both sides until they were golden and then served over some spicy marina (fra diavolo-esque) I made last week.

    To make that you just blend a can of crushed tomato, 3 cloves garlic, one medium onion and salt/pepper/and Cayenne pepper. Heat over the stove and freeze any you don't plan on using within a week. I plan to use the extra that I made in a stew in the upcoming weeks.

    These are kind of addictive - possibly because they are all teeny and bite sized and crispity crunchity.

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