Chobani = Love

    The people at Chobani know how to please - I contacted them over the summer because we had gotten a whole bunch of them and they'd been improperly packaged or...something...and they were weirdly frothy on top. I sent the company a little email asking if they'd changed their recipe or something because the flavor was also a little weird.

    Imagine my surprise when the company emailed me back, apologize profusely for the quality, and sent me over a dozen coupons refunding each individual Chobani that was mis-packaged. I was extremely impressed and now I am even more in love with Chobani. They obviously care a lot about their product.

    I went to Kroger and was really excited to see a bunch of new flavors I hadn't tried before: mango and black cherry being two of them.

    So now my fridge is stocked with Chobani - and probably will be for the rest of the month.

    I will say, the consistency of the yogurt was totally different than when I wrote the email, so I know I got a weird batch. The mango flavor I indulged in the other morning was creamy and delicious and perfect. Thank you Chobani for believing in your product and backing it's quality.

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