Wedding Weekend in Virginia

    Last weekend Sharon, Anna, and I went to a wedding of mutual friends Dan and Vicky (Vicky, you know from her Bachelorette Party a while back). It was gorgeous, simply said. The personal touches did not go unnoticed and, as it should be, their love took center stage. The ceremony was held outside in front of the water and on a beautiful plush green lawn at The Tides Resort. It was seriously like the movies: with white chairs were laid out and the scenery was so breath-taking any other arrangement would just seem overkill and artificial.

    So, since this is a food blog, and the food was exceptionally good, I just had to recap the evening yummies. We started with a cranberry and goat cheese salad with warm rolls. I love warm rolls - and these ones were chewy on the inside and crusty on the outside. The salad, as you can see, was lightly dressed, just the way I like it, and the leaves were fresh and gorgeous. These little things seem small, but when a kitchen is serving 60+ guests, I think it's worth mentioning that the quality was not compromised at all.

    On to dinner:

    I chose the roast beef entree with red potatoes and carrots. The carrots were buttery and perfectly cooked. The crab cakes were pretty tasty, too- and aren't they beautifully arranged? I was really impressed with the portion size :)

    One of the most exciting things was the Sweets Table - which is a new thing at weddings, at least for me...and I love it! Dan's mom made a bunch of homemade cupcakes of different flavors: pumpkin being one of them. And she made fondant leaves to put on top - since it was an October wedding.

    The wedding cake was made by Dan's mom as well - it was stupendous. I think it was a white sponge cake, or white cake of some kind, with lemon curd (I could taste the lemon zest), and cream. I high-tailed over to her the moment after having a bite and asked for the recipe...which I need to get from Vicky (note to self).

    Vicky's mother made 4 Russian cakes which were equally intricate and yummy. Twelve layers of puff pastry sandwiched between cream. They were flaky and flavorful and must have taken her hours to make. I love it when families help each other with wedding details - it makes the event that much more personal.

    And here is the lovely couple - precious, right? All in all, at was a wonderful night and we were super excited to be able to share the memories with Dan and Vicky. Congrats, you two!!!

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