Chicago Recounted

    Well, friends, bad news: I can't find my camera so I don't have pictures of the yummy things we ate in Chicago, but I can tell you a little about our trip:

    We did make it to Ghirardelli...twice (both times for "lunch"). The sundaes have gone up in price but they were divine. We had a wonderful time enjoying the holiday atmosphere - despite the crying children next to us - it wouldn't have been so bad had their parents not been laughing at them while they cried.

    Wow Bao was tasty as usual - we got Baos to tide us over until dinner and then shared a Thai Chicken Rice Bowl on the way home. I never get enough of this place with I'm in Chicago and then I silently scold myself for not stocking up while I have the chance.

    Mercat a la Planxa was not the best...again. Last year we went and the food was innovative, bold, and delicious - but the service and atmosphere left something to be desired. This time the atmosphere was wonderful, but the menu options small (which I won't overlook since they are a tapas restaurant) and the food much more expensive. Small plates were $3-5 MORE than last year. Sorry, Mercat, we tried you twice, but we won't try you again.

    The Grand Lux Cafe was probably our favorite place of all - they never disappoint in service or food. We spent the New Year there and they gave us all hats and whistles to wear while we counted down the moments until 2012. I consider myself quite lucky to have been able to spend that moment with my very special man.

    Before we knew it, it was time to leave - after some last minute shopping which I look forward to every year! I got the most gorgeous dress and can't wait to show it off...I'm sure an occasion will present itself!

    p.s. - No, we did not make it to the fireworks - our tired legs just couldn't handle any more walking after our visit to the Natural History Museum and the world's quickest tour of Zoolights in Lincoln Park.

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