Scroungin' Around

    Finals time around here meant no blogging for me, but I did take a few pictures of some good ideas on what to do when you know you won't have time to cook. I know, I know...where are the Chicago updates - there a-comin' - just have to get settled in first :)

    Idea 1: Make soup, a lasagna, or a casserole a weekend or two before and freeze it in individual servings. Set them in the fridge a couple days before you want to eat them so they thaw and then reheat day-of.

    Idea 2: Kroger sushi is filling, yummy, and definitely a treat when you don't have time to visit a restaurant but want the feeling of having treated yourself. This is the Shaggy Dog - I personally have never gotten one because of the $10 price tag, but I've tried a little and thought it was really tasty.

    Idea 3: Divide the labor. Thanks for Sharon's grandma, we had some frozen pork chops so all we had to do was thaw them, fry them, make rice, and cut up some yummy seaweed. Combine with Bulldog Sauce (this is my own name for it, since it's Korean and I can't remember it at the time). Her grandma also makes dumplings which she just has to drop into a pot of boiling water for about 10 minutes. Thank you, Sharon's grandma!

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