Dear everyone:

    Tomorrow Weston and I set off to the glorious city of Chicago, Illinois for an awesome and highly anticipated New Year's Eve. On the list of places to check out:

    Mercat a la Planxa (Iron Chef Jose Garcas owns and runs this establishment)
    Wow Bao (a tiny little kiosk in the mall, but don't be deceived - there are only 3 locations in the city)
    Ghirardelli (oh yes...Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae here I come)
    Eleven City Diner (apparently, this deli's got it going on)
    Toast (a cute breakfast place highly recommended by a friend who used to live in Chi Town)

    We'll see how many we actually make it to but this little vacation will be the perfect ending to my much-neeeded holiday vacation. So excited to ring in the New Year in one of my favorite cities! Maybe we'll make it to Navy Pier for the fireworks this year :)

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