Waiting for Perfect...Sushi

    When one finds a good sushi joint, one must not let it go. I've learned this the hard way...being away from Sadako in Ann Arbor has made me miss it so much more. I still haven't been out for sushi in Richmond. I ask everyone I know where to go and yet I still haven't actually gone out. Part of it is price - why does good sushi have to be $10 a roll? At Sadako rolls run about $5 a piece and their sushi is so fresh it's insane. This place will always be my favorite for a number of reasons. I hope I do push myself to try a few in Richmond since I'll be here for another 4 years (at least), but in the meantime, I'm loading up at Sadako.

    For you Ann Arborites - my favorite rolls are the Spicy California and the Eel Roll. I know eel is a taste enjoyed by only some people, but Weston introduced me to both sushi and eel on our first official date and I loved them both. He took me to Sadako, actually, which might be another reason I love it so much. Note, I was out with girlfriends when I took this picture, and they each ordered only 2 rolls. I eat slow as it is, so I had to narrow down my usual 4 roll list to two but when I got with Weston, we usually pick 5 or 6 rolls to try.

    I love the ginger salad they serve before the meal - that dressing is to die for. I'm not a huge fan of miso soup but if I'm starving, I'll sip a few spoonfuls. I recommend ordering a light roll (cucumber avocado, California, etc) and a heavier one (eel rolls, a crunch roll, etc) and then one good straight up, clean fish roll (tuna, salmon, etc). I will say, I don't like anything deep fried when I'm in a sushi restaurant. I understand how the texture is a nice juxtaposition to the rice and veggies, but I have to be in the mood because I can really taste the frying oil most of the time.

    So grab a friend and go chow down!

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